What are the Benefits of 3D over 2D Surveys?

What are the Benefits of 3D over 2D Surveys?

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Article by:
Tristan Smythe,
3D Laser Scanning Operations Manager


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As-built surveys provide a higher level of accuracy when compared with those as created based on site plans alone. This is because they are a representation of exactly what is found at a particular site, and will not hold back any details which differ from original construction drawings.

C&A uses traditional survey methods even during a 3D survey, and this includes the use of Standard Survey Marks (SSM), Permanent Marks (PM), Cadastral Survey Marks, and High-contrast black and targets, which have a distinct centre point for more accurate measurement taking, as well as and Surveying Spheres. For more information on what a 3D Survey entails, see: What Is A 3D Survey?

What makes As-built Surveys so important?


An As-built Survey will represent the exact site information, as it currently stands in the real world. This means that our surveys will not try to correct issues such as straighten walls or align buildings to their boundaries within a site. Instead, these objects will appear on the plans, exactly as they appear at the real-world site. As-built Surveys provide a more accurate way to manage site plans, and are extremely useful for the architect or designer when they begin to develop a new building on a site, or adjacent site.
It allows more accurate detailed information to be determined during the design stages, such as more accurate solar or sun/ shadow analysis, correct building levels regarding elevation heights and surrounding context perspectives. It also means a more accurate final set of construction drawings provided to the builder or developer, minimising mistakes or last-minute, onsite decisions which can cause problems in the future.

C&A Surveyors completes the following surveying and modelling services for our clients:

– As-built surveys
– Detail Surveys
– Detail Identity (Ident.) Surveys
– Commercial Projects
– Structural Modelling
– MEP Modelling
– Civil Works

For more information about each of the services we offer, check out our other article here: Higher Accuracy Surveys?

What will you receive in a C&A Surveyors 3D survey package?

The following tables outline the inclusions that you can expect, along with the files that are received upon completion from our team. This also demonstrates the limitations of a traditional 2D survey, which would need to be converted to 3D by an architect at a later date anyway:
Surveyors Sydney

Surveyors Sydney

This was a simple explanation of what an As-built Survey is, however if you would like to learn more about how we can help you on your next project, please get in contact with us here:


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