How a Land Surveyor Can Help Lower Risk and Cost in Construction

Land surveyors provide developers, builders and owner builders with detailed and accurate results. Surveyors provide information that assists in the design process and in the setout of new developments onsite. Surveyors also assist with final drainage documentation and a Final Identification Survey at the end of construction to obtain the Occupation Certificate from the Principal Certifying Authority.

Here is an overview of what land surveyors do on construction sites.

What Does A Land Surveyor Do?

Land Surveyors assist at every stage of the construction process. This includes the planning, construction, and post-construction stage.

First and foremost, they provide architects with precise information about the site. This can include:

  • Identifying the positions of substantial trees
  • identifying the position of visible services
  • Taking levels over the land
  • Design 3D models of the site if required by the architect

The data is calculated and drafted into a plan. The plan is used by the architect to design the new development.

Construction surveyors attend the site at the beginning of and during different stages of the construction process.  Surveyors place physical marks in accordance with the approved architectural plans to show where the proposed development must be built on the property.

These marks are followed by trades such as excavators, bricklayers and concreters to complete their work.  The surveyor may attend site several times during construction to mark out different aspects of a new development.

How A Land Surveyor Can Help Reduce Risk And Costs For Construction Projects

Avoid Rebuilding

Land surveyors provide accurate measurements of boundary lines and the physical position of a new development. Not engaging a surveyor to establish boundary lines and the physical position of a new development means risking your new building being built in the incorrect position. Not being constructed in accordance with the approved plans can lead to Council issuing a Demolition Order and issues with obtaining an Occupation Certificate.

Prevent Legal Costs

Having a land surveyor attend the site and establish boundary lines and place physical marks to show the proposed position of a new development, helps to prevent legal costs should the development be built in an incorrect position.

Examples of this include building over certain utility assets such as sewers without approval from Sydney Water.

Specialised Equipment And New Technologies

Land surveyors have a range of specialised equipment that is ever-evolving to allow for fast and accurate survey results.

To illustrate, surveyors can deploy 3D laser scanning technology called LiDAR. They place laser scanners around the property. These scanners emit laser points that can bounce off objects on the site.

The LiDAR collects data from the laser points. The surveyor includes this data in detailed 3D models and survey reports.

This technology drastically reduces the time it takes to perform a site survey compared to the traditional surveying method. This in turn means that architects can complete their plans at a much faster pace.

Next, a new development in construction surveying is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These drones can scan up to 162 hectares in 1 hour. They can also navigate tough terrain that is usually dangerous for a land surveyor.

Final Thoughts

Demand for surveyors is increasing across each region of Australia. As such, it is vital to employ a surveyor that is an expert in their field.

Employing a land surveyor provides developers, builders and owners with accurate information. New land surveying technology makes the process much quicker. This can help construction projects to stick to their schedules and obtain detailed information early on in the project. As a result, they can plan ahead and account for any potential risks or problems they may face thereby reducing costs.

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