A fundamental aspect of owning a property is to know where the legal boundaries of the parcel of land are. Without clear boundary lines, issues such as neighbor disputes can arise. At the point when there are clashing perspectives, or in order to avoid any future issues regarding boundary lines landowners may need to commission a boundary survey.

A boundary survey may also be required to assist in design purposes and in order to assist in satisfying Council requirements regarding illegal building works.

What is a Boundary survey?

A boundary survey provides the client with a clear, visual and most importantly accurate understanding of where the legal boundary limits of their parcel of land are. In compliance with NSW regulations, all boundary surveys include a sketch signed by a Registered Surveyor showing the location of the boundaries and the location of the physical marks placed along the boundary onsite.

Cost of a Boundary Survey

The cost of a boundary survey is dependent upon the following:

  • The size of the property to be surveyed
  • The location of property to be surveyed
  • The availability of survey information in the area such as State Survey Marks
  • The density of any vegetation on the property

Boundary Survey Process

Carrying out a boundary survey is a methodical and detailed process, which includes:

  • Ordering of search prior to the site visit. Search includes the Deposited Plan for the subject property and any other Deposited Plans within the area, which will assist us in calculating and determining the boundaries.
  • Attendance onsite and location of State Survey and Permanent Marks usually within the kerb and street of the subject property.
  • Calculation of plans and relevant marks located and placement of Stakes at each end of the subject boundary to show the physical location
  • Further calculations will take place within the office using the information collated by the survey equipment onsite.
  • A sketch showing the location of the boundary and the stakes placed by the surveyor onsite will be prepared and signed by the Registered Surveyor



Why conduct a boundary survey?


There are a number of situations that require a boundary survey, some examples are:


  • Replacement of an existing fence or installation of a new fence


  • To assist in settling disputes between neighbours


  • When purchasing a property to ensure there are no encroaching structures from or onto neighboring properties


  • To assist in the design process and construction of a new build


  • To assist in satisfying Council requirements with regards to an illegal build


Is the cost invested in a boundary survey worth it?

Conducting a boundary survey helps in the long-term and offers peace of mind that you are legally constructing within your own property. While this article is meant to give you a general guideline, it would be advisable to make decisions based on your own research as per your individual situation.

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