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What is a detail survey?

A detail survey is carried out to locate all features on a piece of land. This includes both natural and man-made structures. Natural features include vegetation of all sorts – rocks, trees, stumps and so on. Man-made structures include anything built above the ground – buildings, walls, driveways, utilities and so on.

Another feature of a detail survey is that it takes a look at the elevation of the land. It will collect data regarding points of elevation in the land and any contours on the land.

Features included in a detail survey include but are not limited to:

  • Contours
  • Site coordination
  • Location of features
  • Ridge and gutter heights
  • Outline of neighbouring buildings
  • Levelling
  • Spot levels

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Why do you need a detail survey?

If you’re looking at lodging a planning application, a detail survey report is a requirement from the council. A planning application is lodged when you’re choosing to build on your piece of land or if you’re building an extension to an existing property.

Another reason to need a detail survey is if you’re having your land valued. This is needed to locate all the features on your land for an accurate value.

A detail survey is also handy for builders and architects to plan as they’re aware of where all the land features and structures lay.

Choosing the right surveyor

Choosing the right surveyor for your project is always an important task. C&A Surveyors is an established name among land surveyors and the building industry within Sydney, operating in the Greater Sydney region. Clients can expect a dedicated one-point contact who will seamlessly manage the project and be onsite within 48 hours. That’s exactly what you need when choosing the right surveyor.

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