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Our qualified surveying specialists are committed to providing the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring your project is delivered on time and to budget.

Deposited Plans & Strata Plans

Plan of Consolidation

These plans are prepared when a new lot is to be created consolidating 2 or more lots into 1 lot

Plan of Delimitation

Some Certificates of Title are limited by the fact that the parcel boundaries have not been examined by NSW Land Registry Services (LRS). To remove this limitation a plan of survey, which satisfactorily defines the boundaries of the land needs to be lodged and registered at LRS. This is often referred to as a “plan of delimitation” as once this plan of survey is registered the limitation on the Title is removed.

Hint: If you are planning a development or building it is wise to have your plan of delimitation lodged and registered as early as possible. This has several benefits: it creates certainty as to the location of the boundaries both for the designer of the project and the builder; it avoids expensive delays at the end of the project when costs are at their highest; it eliminates doubt for any prospective purchaser allowing for a better return on investment.

Plan of Redefinition

Redefinition Plans are prepared when a parcel of land is resurveyed to confirm the location of property boundaries. 

Plan of Easement

A Plan of Easement is necessary in cases where the type of easement being created and/or the subject property does not meet the requirements for creation by dealing.   

A Plan of Easement is then lodged and registered with LRS. 

Plan of Subdivision

Plans of Subdivision are prepared when a parcel of land is to be divided into 2 or more new parcels of land that can be disposed of separately 

Strata Plan

Strata Subdivision allows for buildings and structures on a single allotment of land to become multiple lots together with a shared Common Property lot.  

Stratum Plan

Stratum Subdivision Plans are designed to designate areas or units for separate ownership within a single development and are most commonly used in mixed use developments. 



Survey and Calculate the location of boundaries and placing of survey marks including a benchmark in accordance with the approved architectural plans. 

Unit Buildings

Survey and Calculate the location of the boundary and Setout the structure in accordance with the approved plans.

Granny Flats

Survey and Calculate the location of the boundary and Setout the structure in accordance with the approved plans.


Survey and Calculate the location of the boundary and Setout the structure in accordance with the approved plans.

Survey and Determination of Lot Boundaries

We undertake boundary markings for various reasons including erection of new fences, boundary disputes and to determine the position of structures close to the fence line.

Residential Setout

Survey and Calculate the location of the boundary and Setout the structure in accordance with the approved plans.


Section 88B Instruments to accompany Deposited Plans and/or Strata Plans

Section 88B Conveyancing Act 1919 enables the creation and release of affecting interests (only easements and profits à prendre may be released) upon the registration of the plan. The Plan must be accompanied by a section 88B instrument in accordance with clause 29(3) Conveyancing (General) Regulation 2013.

Detail & Level Surveys for Design Purposes

A Detail and Level Survey is completed  for design and assessment purposes and is commonly requested by an architect. 

A Detail and Level Survey is typically required for lodgement of a Development Application. 

Transfer Granting Easement Dealings

An easement put simply is typically a right for one owner (the dominant tenement) to possess legal use of a portion of, or use part or all of, another owners land (the servient tenement). The most common forms of Easements we create are Easements to Drain Water.  

A Transfer Granting Easement is created using the 01TG Form. The form must be correctly executed,  by both the owners and their Mortgagee’s (lenders) if they possess a Mortgage. The form must be accompanied by an “Annexure A” sketch showing the physical location of the proposed easement.  The documents are then submitted to LRS for legal registration of the easement. 

Hints: We will need a copy of the design or DA plans to correctly draft the location of the easement, the sooner we get these the sooner we can get the process started. 

If the easement is going to be over buried pipes or infrastructure we need to locate what’s in the ground before it is covered up. Please coordinate with our staff to have them locate the structures in the ground. 

Positive Covenant and Restriction on use documents (Section 88E)

Councils often include in their DA conditions the creation of Positive Covenants and Restrictions on Use of land. These are documents that are most easily created through dealings under section 88E of the Conveyancing Act. Once the documents are prepared and signed in the correct manner they need to be lodged at NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) together with the original Certificate of Title of the subject land. Please note the LRS is transferring to an Electronic Titling System so notice to deal in Titles will be given by the banks or those in possession of the Title. 

Positive Covenants create conditions that require something to be done, for example the maintenance of a Stormwater System. They are most commonly created by a 13PC form, which typically must be signed by: the owners, the relevant Council, and their Mortgagee (lender) if the property is the subject of a Mortgage.

Restrictions on Use restrict the owner from something, for example altering the levels of an overland flow path. They are most commonly created by a 13RPA form, which typically must be signed by: the owners, the relevant Council, and their Mortgagee (lender) if the property is the subject of a Mortgage.

Hint: These processes take time, however many Councils will allow the creation and registration of these Dealings early in the project, long before pressure mounts to comply with all the other Conditions of consent and gain Occupation and Subdivision Certificates.

Gross Lettable Area

Gross Lettable Area  is the measurement and calculation of the amount of floor space available to be rented within a tenancy. 

Nett Lettable Area

Nett Lettable is a measurement of the total occupiable floor space taken from the inside surfaces of the exterior walls and/or the mid-line of any shared walls and excludes areas such as common stair wells, toilets, lift lobbies and vertical service ducts. 

Identification Survey/ Final Survey

Identification Surveys determine the position of structures on a property in relation to the boundaries together with Roof Ridge Heights and Floor Levels. 

Work as Executed/Drainage as Constructed

Work as Executed/Drainage as Constructed drawings consist of the surveyor measuring the drainage system as it is built.  The plan and calculation sheets are then submitted to the engineer for their certification. 

Utility Locating & Mapping

C&A Surveyors are qualified locating and mapping specialists who are dedicated to providing the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring your project is delivered on time and to budget. We only use the latest technologies to ensure we locate and map all utilities accurately. Our locating and mapping service allows you to have no hassle or worries when it comes to your project. We’ll get rid of any disruptions or setbacks you may face if there are any cables, gas pipes, water pipes, sewerage pipes, electrical or any other underground utilities that are undocumented.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM – 3D Modelling

Building information modelling (also known as BIM) best known as 3D modelling is the future of the surveying industry, and at C&A surveyors we have tailored our service on this up and coming market to be at not only the most accurate and purpose focused, but to be at the most cost effective solution for the project at hand.
At C&A surveyors we have the ability not only to obtain and produce point cloud models but fully formed Revit (or similar format) models co-ordinated to your sites parameters for you to use immediately without the need for guesswork or the liability of drawing these structures in yourself.

3D, BIM models of existing structures. This form of survey is commonly conducted for the redesign and maintenance of heritage structures and also the visualisation of street scapes and comparisons of new designs to be overlaid on current day landscapes. These surveys can be done to locate certain services, structural components or even location and layout of furniture and fixings.
Monitoring or as built surveys. These can be done over time at any requested interval to show the relationship of any feature to either itself at a different point in time or even to a design model. This data although possible through normal survey conventions can be shown in a multitude of fashions using 3D survey and through the complexity of 3D data and the millions of points that come with it will portray data to you or your client in a simple, concise and easy to understand manner. This is using heat maps or models using colours and gradients to further visualise these differences.
Hard to reach places or dangerous locations such as traffic control plans of highways and main roads will mean survey time and road closure for such are now redundant. With laser scanning the surface our technology will ignore the moving traffic and obstructions and gather the information you need for your project in not only a more accurate manner, but more timely and at equivalent or better cost.

BIM 3D Example – Portico

BIM 3D Example – Carpark / Basement