Building information modelling (also known as BIM) best known as 3D modelling is the future of the surveying industry, and at C&A surveyors we have tailored our service on this up and coming market to be at not only the most accurate and purpose focused, but to be at the most cost effective solution for the project at hand.
At C&A surveyors we have the ability not only to obtain and produce point cloud models but fully formed Revit (or similar format) models co-ordinated to your sites parameters for you to use immediately without the need for guesswork or the liability of drawing these structures in yourself.

3D, BIM models of existing structures. This form of survey is commonly conducted for the redesign and maintenance of heritage structures and also the visualisation of street scapes and comparisons of new designs to be overlaid on current day landscapes. These surveys can be done to locate certain services, structural components or even location and layout of furniture and fixings.
Monitoring or as built surveys. These can be done over time at any requested interval to show the relationship of any feature to either itself at a different point in time or even to a design model. This data although possible through normal survey conventions can be shown in a multitude of fashions using 3D survey and through the complexity of 3D data and the millions of points that come with it will portray data to you or your client in a simple, concise and easy to understand manner. This is using heat maps or models using colours and gradients to further visualise these differences.
Hard to reach places or dangerous locations such as traffic control plans of highways and main roads will mean survey time and road closure for such are now redundant. With laser scanning the surface our technology will ignore the moving traffic and obstructions and gather the information you need for your project in not only a more accurate manner, but more timely and at equivalent or better cost.

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