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About C&A’s Surveying Services

C&A Surveyors have provided premium commercial land surveyor services to North Epping developers since 2009.

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Property developers, contractors, architects, and homeowners across Sydney trust us for our fast turnaround times and unsurpassed value for money—from initial contact to delivery of your survey reports—regardless of project type.

With over 22 years of experience, our team are experts in commercial land surveying—from detail and subdivision surveys, to strata surveys, level surveys, boundary surveys, Section 88B instruments, and more—so you always talk to someone who understands your needs.

We use leading technology and state of the art equipment to get you the most accurate results, with an innovative mindset to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Professional Surveying Services

Working across North Epping, Sydney, C&A Surveyors are leading experts in all types of land surveying. From detail and subdivision surveys to peg out surveys, 3D modelling and final surveys, we’ve got you covered.

We offer our services to:

  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Property developers
  • Civil contractors
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Professional services
  • Individuals
  • Landfills & quarries
  • Local government

 Our services cover the full range of land surveying requirements including:


Surveyors Sydney

Why hire commercial land surveyors?

Land surveys are an essential part of the construction process, ensuring your architects and engineers have a clear understanding of the site and can create accurate, reliable drawings and plans for your project.

No matter the size of the project, your surveys need to be carried out with precision and accuracy—or you risk expensive and time-consuming construction problems later down the line. For the most cost-effective, reliable results, you need industry experts and the latest technology on your side.

So whether you’re working on a local North Epping strata project, a new commercial development, or a large NSW infrastructure project, don’t leave your surveys to chance—hire a premium quality Sydney surveying company today.

How do strata surveys, subdivisions, boundary surveys, and Section 88B Instruments work?

Preliminary Strata Plan of Subdivision

If you’re looking to strata subdivide your North Epping development, you will need approval through either the Hornsby Shire Council, or a Strata Certifier, with a Preliminary Strata Plan to accompany your application.

Preliminary Strata Plans measure each individual unit within your development, as well as associated spaces such as car storage and common areas. Preliminary Strata Plans are also required in Contracts of Sale so the buyer knows exactly what they’re purchasing.

Strata Surveys

Once your Preliminary Strata Plan has been approved, we prepare the Final Strata Plan of Subdivision and other associated documentation for registration with Land Registry Services. We also help you obtain required consent signatures and lodgements to those various required authorities.

Our Strata Plans give you survey information and internal measurements of a property, using existing deposited plans and state survey marks together with your development consent. This is used to strata subdivide a development.

Subdivision Surveys

A plan of subdivision allows you to legally create two or more new parcels of land.

For subdivisions in North Epping, you will also require approval from Hornsby Shire Council. Once you’ve obtained this approval, you will need to engage a registered land surveyor—like C&A Surveyors—to prepare a Plan of Subdivision for registration with Land Registry Services.

This is required to legally split your North Epping property. Again, the Plan of Subdivision will need to be submitted to the Hornsby Shire Council (and your mortgagee) for their endorsement prior to submission to Land Registry Services.

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Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey determines the exact location of your property boundary by placing physical marks—such as wooden stakes—along the boundary lines. You will need a boundary survey in such cases as installing new fences or for any boundary disputes.

Boundary surveys within North Epping can only be carried out by registered surveyors, like C&A Surveyors. We are fully insured, with registered surveyors to carry out your survey and prepare and sign an accompanying plan.

Section 88B Instruments

A section 88B instrument is a development consent requirement for the registration of many different items, ranging from Positive covenants to Easements with the Land Registry Services. Often relating to services such as drainage and water, or a Right of Carriageway over land, Section 88B instruments are created and registered in conjunction with plans such as Torrens Title Subdivisions and Plans of Easement.

Need more help understanding your surveying needs?

If you’re not sure what the surveying process entails—or what documentation you need for your North Epping development—don’t panic. C&A Surveyors Sydney are expertly equipped to guide you through every step of the process.

As members of the Institution of Surveyors NSW and Consulting Surveyors NSW, C&A Surveyors are dedicated to the improvement and protection of Sydney’s surveying profession. We endeavour to drive advancements, improve surveying standards and elevate industry integrity through our ongoing working relationships with industry bodies.

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C&A Surveyors can take care of all your surveying requirements across North Epping, Sydney, and NSW.

So if you’re looking for a professional, friendly, and fast surveying service—whether you’re working on a Strata development, a large infrastructure project, or anything in-between, you can trust C&A to provide outstanding service, every time.