3D Survey for Heritage Site

Offer a single source of information for architects and designers to use as a foundation for future planning or preventative maintenance of historical sites or listed buildings.

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C&A Surveyors completed the most detailed 3D survey for us in late 2022 that involved the interiors and exteriors of 5 adjoining heritage buildings in Sydney’s CBD. A truly challenging project that pushed the C&A team to the limit over a period of 4 months. The level of detail in this survey has enabled our master planning architects and project team to move around the model with ease ensuring accurate planning from the detailed data.

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Detail and Level Survey

Also known as a contour survey, this is the starting point for any design process.  The 3D laser scanner models all existing features including trees, adjoining properties, visible services and takes levels over the land.  This 3D survey can also determine the location of the property boundaries and the existing buildings in relation to them.

Detail Identification (Ident.) Survey

Includes a survey of the property/ building, the site boundary, and all offsets between the two. A registered surveyor will sign off on this plan.

External Survey

A detailed survey of the buildings’ external façade and features found directly surrounding it.

Internal Survey

A internal survey of the building, which includes the details of rooms such as built-ins and amenities.

MEP Survey

Full 3D scanning and modelling of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Why choose C&A Surveyors for your next project
Accurate measurements

A high-detail 3D building model can support architects and engineers to design a partial restoration or a complete rebuild should a heritage building be damaged or destroyed.

Improved project management

A 3D survey for a historical building provides in-depth heritage details, showing both the interior fit-outs and the preservation of the historic exteriors of the structure, and is complemented by high-quality documentation, which adds value to large scale heritage projects.