How 3D Surveys Can Benefit Your Next Project

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Article by:
Tristan Smythe,
3D Laser Scanning Operations Manager
April 2023


In today’s ever evolving world of technology, it’s difficult to keep track of what benefits new technology can support, and while it might be tempting to ignore due ever impending deadlines or costs, there are times by doing so may result in missed opportunities.

C&A Surveyors introduced 3D laser scanning surveys in 2019 and have supported architects, designers, builders, and property developers to have additional insights into their existing projects and deliver a cost-effective solution for all involved.

Commercial hotel 3D survey
Commercial hotel 3D survey

5 Reasons Why Using a 3D Survey Will Benefit Your Next Project

  • Higher levels of resolution, detail, and accuracy
  • Collects millions of data points as a point cloud
  • Minimises data omissions and risks
  • Increase customisability
  • Go straight from survey to design

Higher levels of resolution, detail, and accuracy

A 3D survey will accurately display the current state of the site including all physical objects such as buildings, structures, trees, services and much more features. Included in the survey is the traditional 2D plans, elevations and 3D views, plus the entire model which we can supply directly to clients in multiple file formats.

10-level residential units with commercial shops underneath
10-level residential units with commercial shops underneath

Collects millions of data points as a point cloud

Our 3D scanners can measure 500,000 points per second allowing our experienced modelling team to create an accurate 3D representation of the subject site. By assigning each individual point with an easting, a northing, and an elevation, which is equivalent to an X, Y and Z coordinate in 3D modelling software. Each of these points allow our team to then model all of the other elements, structures and features of each site we survey.

Minimises data omissions and risks

Ensuring good design and construction is important for our clients, and having a 3D survey for your projects provides accurate data ensuring you can make informed decisions, reducing the risk of poor construction or mistakes.

Increases customisability

You are able to delight your customers by providing them with a ‘real life’ 3D visualisation of their design which can be modified to meet their own needs. This can include a walk through of their new home allowing them to feel the uniqueness and emotional connection of the design and creating loyalty to your company’s brand.

Straight from survey to design

As the 3D projects are an exact “as-built” of the subject site, the customer/architect can then take the physical model and start the design process directly, rather than having to interpret the 2D survey. This ensures that no guess work is required and streamlines the design process.

Large scale commercial and heritage 3D survey
Large scale commercial and heritage 3D survey

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