C&A Surveyors are qualified locating and mapping specialists who are dedicated to providing the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring your project is delivered on time and to budget. We only use the latest technologies to ensure we locate and map all utilities accurately. Our locating and mapping service allows you to have no hassle or worries when it comes to your project. We’ll get rid of any disruptions or setbacks you may face if there are any cables, gas pipes, water pipes, sewerage pipes, electrical or any other underground utilities that are undocumented.

We are proud to service the broader Sydney metropolitan area from Newcastle to Wollongong to the Blue Mountains.

Utility Locating & Mapping

Utility Locating

Hitting utilities when conducting any construction work could not only cost you a fortune but can seriously disrupt or setback your project. Our team of expert locating and mapping specialists have an abundance of experience locating underground utilities using only the latest and most accurate technologies.

Pipe and Cable Locating

Pipe and cable locating is an important step to undertake in order to avoid any hazards on the job site. Our underground utility locating service ensures that all documented pipes and cables are located accurately. We conduct pipe and cable locating for residential, commercial and industrial properties using DBYD certified locators that apply DBYD standards.

Gas and Water Locating

Locating gas and water lines prior to conducting any construction is vital in ensuring no documented gas and water lines aren’t hit when work commences. C&A Surveyors are experts in gas and water locating in Sydney and the broader region. Our utility locating specialists will be onsite within 48 hours and provide a fast turnaround time to ensure your project is delivered on time.

Sewerage Locating

Identifying where your sewer line lies is important to understand where your point of connection to a wastewater system is. The team at C&A Surveyors are able to locate and map your sewerage location efficiently and accurately. Our prompt service and the latest technology are used to ensure precise readings.

Telecommunications & Internet Line Locator

We conduct Telco cable search and locate and map any major network and telecommunication lines running through your property. It is common that telecommunication and internet lines are left undocumented on plans. Phone line and internet locating include any fibre optic cables that are underground. Locating and mapping internet lines or telecommunication lines ensures no structures, digging or landscaping is conducted in that area to avoid damages to cables.

Ground Penetrating Radar

With a ground radar survey, you can locate non-conductive materials and installations. Ground penetrating radar systems still use electromagnetic radiation but in the microwave band. This is great for indentifying poly, pvc, vc and concrete pipes under the right conditions.

Non-destructive Excavation

Helping you locate pipes and underground utility lines before you dig or excavate a plot of land, we help ensure the reduction of risk of hitting and damaging a utility line in the process.

Concrete Scanning

We provide concrete x-ray services to best identify pipes, rio bar, post tension bar and other utilities beneath the surface of your concrete.